Media Page

Here you will find video's that have members of the 7th featured in them.

The Last Commercial

Registration Closes December 1st!
Indiegogo Campaign video
New Orleans 2015 It's Whatever You Want It To Be!
New Orleans 2015 Registration is now open
New Orleans 2015 British Teaser

New Orleans 2014 event video

New Orleans 2015 American Teaser
Expedition Natchez Commercial
Mississinewa 2012

Muster On the Trace Video


 Muster on the Trace event commercial




Tippecanoe 200th

Photographer James P. Rowans name was left off the credits page inadvertently, for this we sincerely apologize!

New Orleans 2011

175th TX declaration of Independence - 7th USI version from Douglas Gray on Vimeo.

Mississinewa 2010

7th and Friends