During the siege of Ft. Brown Texas in May of 1846 the tents of the 7th Infantry served more than just the quartering of troops. In order to create bomb proofs and finish the fortification all of the Regiment's tents were cut into pieces and sewn into sandbags. The tents not only protected the men from the weather they also shielded them from incoming Mexican cannon balls. Following the siege the Regiment had to be completely resupplied with new tents.

Thanks to following for funding the purchase of an entire tent:


#47 Dan Davis

#56 Ken Daniel

Dudley Toelke (donated more at New Orleans)

#22 Andrew Gray



Thanks to the following for a sizable donation:


#45 Tom Garrett

#46 Randy Park (donated more at New Orleans)

#41 Paul Silva 

#71 Darin Gardner

#15 Rick Simmons and his wife Gayle

#34 Darbin Ousley

#75 David Lanham


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Bill and D Bagwell

#67 Eric Wallace

Army Rosewitz

#58 Joe Erdmann

#51 Steve Thomas

#27 Jim Balza

#13 Steve Luecke

Charlie McCulloh

Larry Lozon (King of Canadia)

#68 John Ward

#29 Bob Bolton

#18 Alan Selge (or is that #6)

Dan Lawrence

#72 Randall Watts

Taylor Tomlin

Lee Lehmann

Ralph Banks

Bridget Grams

#39 Charles Rouse

#52 Myers Brown

Kim Tolar

Chris Kimball

#28 Scott McMahon

#76 Tod Jordan

We Have a Winner!

#45 Cpl. Tom Garrett with one of his prizes!


#45 Cpl. Tom Garrett with his new frock!


#45 Cpl. Tom Garrett showing the other side of his new frock!

On Saturday January 9th our unit held its tent fund raffle drawing on the battlefield of Chalmette. The winner of the Cookson Fowler and custom made frock. Was #45 Cpl. Tom Garrett of Alabama.

Thanks to the outstanding generosity of our contributors, we raised enough money to purchase 12 new wedge tents. Thank you one and all!

HOWEVER WE STILL ARE NOT DONE! We still need to raise another $2000 for 4 new flys and 2 new wall tents. Contributions of any size are still being accepted. Remember your contribution is tax deductable.

Make your check payable to Company A 7th USILHA and mail them to:

John Lawrence

4309 Cape Cod Drive

The Colony TX 75056


A complete list of donors will be published on this webpage. All persons who purchased an entire tent will be given one of the original tents as a thank you.