"Volens Et Potens" Willing and Able, is the Regimental motto of today's active duty Regiment. They also proudly proclaim, "Cottonbalers, by God!  Damn Fine soldiers!"

The above button was worn on the uniform of the 7th US Infantry from 1808 until 1815.

The Company Street

Meet members of the Company


Captain James Lundgren

Company Order Book

It has been my distinct pleasure to have been associated with the Seventh United States Infantry Living History Association (7USILHA) since shortly after its origins. Initially serving in sister units to the Seventh, I attended many of the same events and forged a deep friendship and sense of camaraderie with many of the men and women. Several years later, I became an official member of the unit. Another couple of years passed and I was given one of the greatest honors of my career when Major Abolt promoted me to Brevet Captain and assigned me command of the company.

The Officers and NCOs of the Seventh hold the rank because of ability. The men in these positions recognize that when people choose to attend events they place themselves under our command. They are doing so by choice, not because of any order compulsory by the original men of the regiment. The officers and NCOs therefore strive to serve them by taking our responsibilities very seriously and providing them with training and leadership to represent the memory of the original regiment with pride and dedication.  All of the members of the 7USILHA work very hard to honor the men and women of the original Seventh Infantry as well as the rest of the United States Army. The 7USILHA has received many honors over the years in recognition of their ongoing efforts. I look forward to continuing to uphold and build upon the reputation that has been established.  

Currently 1812 reenactors are focusing on the bicentennial of the War of 1812. At the Bicentennial of the Battle of Tippecanoe, the bar was set for other Bicentennial events. Over the next few years we, and others, will commemorate the series of events of the war of 1812 era. This led to the establishment of the professional army of the United States. The 7USILHA will help make sure that the War of 1812 will not be forgotten.

Cottonbalers by God!

James Lundgren CAPT

7th United States Infantry

Sergeant Darbin Ousley



As you look down the company street you will find tents hand made in period fashion and even men and women dressed in proper clothing of that long ago and sometimes forgotten time. You will also find something very special in that everyone here participates because they truly appreciate and understand the sacrifices that have been made for them by those that have and continue to serve our great nation.


We wear the uniform of men that never knew us yet served to preserve a place for us. We have been entrusted to carry the retired battle honors of the 7th US Infantry which were earned by and represent the lives of many Americans. With great honor and humbleness we have stood in formation with the men of the active duty 7th US Infantry some of which will never again return home. With each day we thank God for all our service men and women.


Just like those that have been mentioned above the men and women of the 7th USILHA understand the responsibilities bestowed upon them in representing the unit and strive to preserve the memory and honor of those we represent. I find it a great honor to be allowed to serve as an NCO with such fine men and women and it is my hope that as you look down the company street you will see them in us.


Now, back to drill!


Darbin Ousley